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I'm not just out the cost of the ReloadIt card (5 cards @ $3.95 each) and the money I put on the cards ($500 on each card totalling $2500.00) but we have lost several customers and jobs in excess of $27000.00 due to this fiasco.

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I have a horror story to share with those who would like to get a class action lawsuit started. I bought 5 ReloadIt cards totalling $2500.00 on 09/20/19.

My goal was to use a prepaid debit card to purchase parts for my husbands business. I attempted to create a ReloadIt Safe and could never get past the login. The page just continued to "load" but never did. I contacted customer service and was told to perform a variety of things which never worked.

I even tried to create an account at a different location using a different email. Nothing and I mean nothing worked. So I contacted customer service again to request a refund. After a lot of runaround I asked to speak with a supervisor.

Needless to say I was told that a refund would take 15 days but the supervisor assured me he was going to "expedite" my refund because it was $2500.00. I needed this money for parts and now I had to wait 15 days. OMG when I was told this information I just started crying I was so frustrated, irate, overwhelmed and most of all felt like I had been robbed!!! I did what customer service requested and emailed photos of the ReloadIt cards along with the case number I was given.

Fast forward to 10/11/19 when I still had not received my refund but was told by customer service that my check was mailed on 10/09/19. Well at least it's on the way I thought. I received a check the very next day. However, it was only $1500.00.

I couldn't believe it. So I thought well maybe they had to issue in two checks due to the amount. So I waited a couple more days and nothing else arrived. I called customer service again on 10/15/19 where I was told that the other check was on its way and to give it a couple more days.

Now it's the end of the month 10/31/19. We've lost several big jobs, customers and I had to get a loan to cover the money I was waiting to have refunded. Let me backtrack just a little regarding the ReloadIt cards. On the back of the cards it reads "Blackhawk Network California is liable for non delivery or delayed delivery of funds." I asked about this every time I called customer service and not one representative would answer as to what this means.

Which upset me even more than having to try and understand someone who barely speaks English. Which by the way, I requested to speak to someone I could understand and the next person was worse than the first one. So back to today's call to customer service to inquire about my remaining $1000.00. The girl I spoke to today was a lot easier to understand and she put me on hold several times trying to figure out what was going on.

I have to say she's the only one who I felt even cared about what I was going through. It was reassuring to say the least even though I knew deep down it wasn't going to help in the long run. Almost an hour later she's telling me that she was told to issue me a new case number and "they" made a mistake somehow and that it was going to take another 15 days to get the remainder of my money. Of course I'm on the *** of tears again because I knew my husband was going to come unglued (he knows it's not my fault) but this whole thing has been one complete JOKE.

I honestly don't know how this company is still in business.

Well this is my story so far, I would be very interested in participating in a class action lawsuit so please keep me informed as to what's going on.

I may have forgotten to include a few things but I have documented EVERYTHING in hopes to go after these people. Thanks for reading!!

Here's my email - toosdaev@***.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Reloadit Prepaid Card Activation.

Reason of review: Access/ activation issues.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Reloadit Cons: Unable to create safe and much much more.

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File in YOUR county's Small Claims Court. Does not have to be where they are.

Go after for: Loss of money, loss of income for loss of work/jobs caused by them, cost to, cost to have them served where they are, cost to make ALL copies for papers you need for court (generally 3), gas for relevant mileage, any faxing, time spent on this horror show, and pain and suffering. You can usually file online.

See how fast you get your $$$ back. Bonus: Complaints to the BBB, Attorney General in their state and yours, Google reviews (where Maps are), and my personal faorite - Yelp.

@Devi B

Thank you, I will!

@Devi B

Go to their website and click “customer disclosures” and find your state. The licensing regulator in the state is listed.

You can do a google search for the regulator name and file a complaint. If they get enough complaints the regulator will have to take action and research.

I am waiting hours now for my card to be activated on the site and regret using this company. They need better business practices holding peoples money.

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