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I added a Reloadit pack to my safe on Friday. It is now Monday.

I didnt try to load my funds to any of the cards in my safe until yesterday. Where when I was trying to load it to my Paypal card, it was telling me that My card was invalid. I then tried to load it to my Paypower card and it was saying it too was invalid. Finally after trying 4 times to load it, I started getting "We are having technical Difficulties, please try again later" I get immediately pissed because there is not one reason for either of these cards to not work.

This was after the whole 2 week fiasco from trying to get my money off my Paypower card because I took 1500.00 out in one day via grocery store and ATM so that I could put a deposit down on a house. INSTANT LOCKOUT. I am then told I need to send pictures of me with my ID, SScard, PACK and blah blah, All of these things I do, I was suppose to receive call backs never did. Only to find out that my case was closed, I elevated my call 2 LEVELS before I finally got an American person I could explain my WHOLE story too that literally at the click of the button released my funds!

NOW, I have called Reloadit.

She checks my account and everything is fine with it. She says she did see I tried to load it to the Paypal card but it was denying it. I said I KNOW that is why I am calling you, it shouldnt be denying me! So she goes through the whole schpeel of trying to do it on Chrome and an incognito window.

Nope still tech difficulties. Shes like are you typing everything in right? Im thinking to myself are you EFFING ***, of course I AM! After putting me on hold 3 times she comes back and says they are having server issues and some accounts are being effected and mine is one of them.

She offers a refund that can take 30 days, I say no. She tells me that she cant tell me when they will be back up and working again so I take a chance. I try to login from my phone this morning and my phone says It cant open a safe anymore. So i come to my imac and it says technical difficulties...

WHY is getting money so hard with this *** place! Its super frustrating!

This person wrote the review because of problem with delivery of reloadit safe from Reloadit. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $500 and wants Reloadit to have the product delivered.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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For f*^# sake. I cant depend on these *** for nothing.

I haven't used my safe for a month and put $80.00 on it today just ro be shut down with this experiencing technical difficulties crap again. I dont ďhavecthe time or energy for this right now.


I too am having the same problem as you all are. I'm so frustrated with this company and I can't do anything but wait.


Reloadit.com is a piece of shhh!Do not use this company, they have been in the "Technical Difficulties" business since 2015..


Same here, same since sat, tech diff. It's sucks for sure,


Same problem, I can’t load my REloadit pack onto my Netspend card because my email address is “already associated” with another account, but that’s impossible BECAUSE IVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!!! So now I’m going to have to wait thirty days for a refund check AND my purchase fee will NOT be refunded because they just don’t do that!?

Total scam, total incompetence, total frustration. Customer support entirely unhelpful.


Pissed off with this www.reloadit.com. I am trying to reload my paypal account and they are keep saying my email is not valid.

Please help me how can reload my paypal account with reloadit?

Tried so many times and when i called on heloline nobody is picking my call. Spent one hour on hold.


Same problem here, loaded to the safe on Friday, tonight (Sunday) it's telling me there's still technical difficulties. Called in and got a supervisor (barely understandable) who then blamed the card company.

Called the card company that asked for a 3-way call so they could let them know there's no problem on their end, and still not resolved. I will never use ReLoadIt again.


10/6/17 It's happening again last 5 days or so internal trouble from what I hear. They need to get a good coder.

to Anonymous #1376684

I have been trying to load my money for 2 weeks!!! I will never use them again. They should at least be able to manually transfer money

to Anonymous #1379123

I have never written a review before. trying to send my nephew some money.

3 days later still getting technical difficulties screen on his end.

this is a scam. I'm very upset with Shaw Market for carrying this product.

Cupertino, California, United States #1353074

The site is not loading at all for me. I tried 3 different servers now.

Then I tried calling and all I get is a message that says something about an error and then hangs up on me. The most issues I've ever had is haavin to wait a several hours for my money to become accessible, which is frustrating enough when you need it quickly. One would think that a company dealing with peoples hard earned money would have "systems" that were impervious to so very many issues on a regular basis! It's so incredibly irresponsible.

The prepaid card companies that Reloadit work through should demand Reloadit to seriously step it up because with out the prepaid cards Reloadit becomes useless!

Anyway, I feel your pain, Im ready to Hulk out right now haha! Good luck to all of us!


I purchased a Reload Pack on 6/27/2017. I was able to Load it via reloadit.com- "Bank Safe".

I received confirmation that the Money Pack had been Reloaded Successfully... however, I had to wait a few minutes before the Money would be available on my Card. After, 2 hours, the Money had not yet appeared. I called RELOADIT.COM @ 1-888-633-9434, and was confirmed that the money was Loaded successfully and I should have n problems transferring it to my Card.

I immediately went back to the website and then begin to experience Technical Difficulties and was advised to try again later. After about an hour waiting without being able to access my account; I am asked which web browser am I using? I was told to use Google Chrome or IE11.... He also advise me of clearing browsing history etc...

The thing is...I am using the web browsers and equipment I had used 3 other times previously since starting their Service.



Marysville, Washington, United States #1321435

I am also having issues with reloadit moving money to my card. I have been trying for 6 days and keep getting the message We are experiencing some technical difficulties.

Please try again later.

I have called them and they are trying to tell me it is the card I'm trying to load that is rejecting the transaction. The card company is saying they haven't rejected any transactions from me.

It seems if the reloadit website is flawed since it posts " We are experiencing some technical difficulties. Please try again later"

I will not use this reloadit service again.

I will be calling reloadit and requesting my money be returned to me.

Elloree, South Carolina, United States #1270997

I have been trying to reload my netspend card for 2 or 3 days an no one at Reloadit or Netspend can help me. This is the worst prepaid card an reload bs iv ever dealt with. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CARD OR RELOAD PACK TO ANYONE!!!!


Dude im dealing with the same BS right now. Its freaking ridiculous. So scandalous

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1301950

Same thing here!! It's very frustrating!! There website is not working so I'm unable to create a safe to transfer the money to the Netspend card!!

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