Fort Worth, Texas
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I just like everybody else wanted to put money on there credit card like NetSpend but as everyone else has experienced there are many problems involved with the process of reloading your cards first of all I got to the part where I'm in the safe but and completely unable to activate the safe by them saying they sent me a text which was a lie and I have no way now of getting the safe activated nobody answer phone number office phone number can possibly help you with your safe issues there's just a recording that says go online to www.

I think that in all fairness to the individuals that have been completely screwed over should somehow Target the companies that are selling reload it cards they need to be notified of reloadit constant bad dealings with consumers, keeping your cash tied up, and outright knowingly avoid any contact with them through allegedly difficulties in their website or just flat-out closing the door on you I don't think that we should have to be in position to eat it instead if enough people can get involved contact these big companies or maybe a lawyer will come forward pro bono and get a piece of the pie after we win a class action lawsuit against them if we can get enough people to go all in I'm sign up it's just ridiculous that nowadays with the watch dogs that are supposed to be watching these companies they have them slip through your fingers.

I've had enough of this crap I know you have to what's up just let this go by the wayside and say oh well lesson learned F that. Thank you for reading my long-winded review of getting screwed without even a thank you I appreciate you all

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