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we need to have a collective lawsuit against this company because they are scam artists now they wont give you your money back it is a nightmare we need to sue them people.i lost 60 bucks because of technical difficulties and cannot verify my device i am really putting it to safeway to not sell these cards.If enough people complain and can get these people somehow put out of business because it is a scam now they do not want you to have your money they want in their bank for as long as possible to earn interest off of it.please if you want to sue get a class action going.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Reloadit Cons: Getting robbed by this comp, Having money taken, Ethics of this company.

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This service is definitely complete bs. I cannot even create an account because the site won't let me in.

Customer service is blaming it on the devices I used to try to do it and after I tell them I have tried multiple devices with same issue they then blame it on my Internet connection. Complete bunk.

I want in on lawsuit.


Horrible service. I'm out $380


agreed a law suite same thing here shaking my $%$%ing head at this bsType your message here


Yes I’ve lost 200 dollars do to technical difficulties and I would love to join this class action lawsuit

#1571915 add me to the list. cant open an account yet every day for a week technical diff... same story as everyone else here these people need taken to the bank


They stolen my money 500 made police report they told police to refund me back


They froze my safe and said I need to give them copies of the reciepts from the last 4 packs I uploaded, those were thrown away after they were successfully added to my safe. Now they say I need to go to the store and ask for a copy of the reciept.

I don't know how the store is going to be able to find the reciept if I no longer have the card I purchased. I have around over $2000 in my safe.

I needed to pay rent and bills, I was able to get 1 reciept and they still won't unlock my safe. I want in on this lawsuit!

@Edwina jade

If this goes any further my email is

#1439580 I want in! I’ve been trying to get my money for about a week now.


Please add me. I am out of 500, may lose my apartment, and can't even get a stmt from them as to what happened.


Please add me, I’m out $950. I can’t even bear to go into the details regarding the frustration with this company.

I’m just hoping my refund check arrives within 30 days.

I’m out money for my water bill and phone bill because of these scam artists.


I spent $1450 on reload it cards and basically have access to $500. Scam!!!!

#1405485 I want in they've ripped us off thousands


my email is if anyone can help please contact me. I lost 740.00 and want it refunded!

thank you,


I lost 740.00 and would like some legal help to figure out what to do. Is there anyone at all that can help get the money back or hold them accountable? y email is if anyone can help.





Yes, they are so full of it I have 6 packs and it has been saying technical difficulties for 2wks now...I want my *** money


I am finding out now that I have no access to thousands of dollars. I bought the packs thinking it would make it easy to save money.

Now that I need it I have no access to it.

My email is Please contact me

@Ashleigh R

yea i jus lost 250 dollars that was for my kids. but i think that every store who sales them should be held responsible


I lost over $1,000 due to a scam and the company used for payment (ReLoadit) didn't care so long as they got their fee. They should be socially and legally responsible so that criminals in the U.S. and overseas need to find another source for payment.

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