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I have a NetSpend card and I needed to transfer money to the card. I purchased a reloadit pack for close to the maximum amount.

I went to scratch off the silver area on the back of the pack (that reveals the code necessary to activate the pack and transfer the money to your reloadit account (what you need to do prior to loading it to your card). The scratch off material or the label was defective and I couldn't read the number that was supposed to have been revealed. I called customer service and was instructed to send photos of the reloadit pack and original receipt, which I fortunately still had. In such an instance, the only recourse was for them to issue a refund check.

Customer service told me it would be 7-14 days before a check was issued. Why they couldn't just process it manually is beyond me. So, I try again. scratch off area worked this time.

I was able to transfer the money to my reloadit account. BUT when I went to transfer the money to my NetSpend card, I kept getting a window saying "we are experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later." I tried later, as well as a day later, and two days later. I called customer service. They said I needed to make sure the card was active.

I told them I had used the card before so I was sure it was active, but theu still advised I cll the card's cust service. I did so, and not surprisingly, everything was fine with the card. I called reloadit cust service again and gave them details of my story, and was informed that NetSpend cards don't work with their system. EVEN THOUGH "USE WITH NETSPEND" IS PRINTED ON THE RELOADIT PACKAGING!!

So I was told again that they had to issue a check, and that it could take up to 30 days to process. Ingenious racket they have going.

They're sitting on close to $1000 of my money earning interest or investing it elsewhere. Imagine the potential of this operation if they have thousands of people in this situation.

Review about: Reloadit Account.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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same experience


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We are sorry to hear about the experience you have had loading your card. Did you know you can reload your card at check-out?

As these reviews are anonymous, can you please submit this complaint along with some account information to This will help us locate your account and get this matter addressed.

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