Okay. Day 3 of this BS of getting the same error message..."experiencing technical difficulties please try back again soon" *** or wtfever. I can load cards on my account, but it won't let me load onto my netspend card. Anyone else having this problem or is this just me???? I had a second safe and tried to upload a card there, worked fine, but still won't load onto any other cards (i.e. netspend etc). WTF. I have called the past two days. Last night, they told me it would be fixed. NOPE. Today...still not working...3 days later. I've called, talked to a so called manager...he says its my problem..that no one else has called to complain...that he can't help me....I rather just buy a freaking paypal card and wait the 3 days for it to go to my bank account!!!!

Anyone else having problems this week?

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Well they bout to get another complaint. I brought my card at 3pm so I can add money so I won't have to pay overdraft fees (NetSpend).

Ha, that was a joke.

Darn loadit website still down... Never will I buy again

Coachella, California, United States #1320163

Yes I can only get as far as making a safe account it's Bulls hit that they even sell this f...reloadit. card cuz they don't work for *** I also called talk to supervisor n all he said was it would take 30days for refund

Fitzgerald, Georgia, United States #1271163

Yes me did you ever get it resolved?im having the same issue and I have a NetSpend card

Aurora, Colorado, United States #1209120

yea its doing that *** to me too


Same *** here. First it took a day to "verify" my reloadit pack.

After that I get "experiencing technical difficulties" for 3 days.


day 3 for me right now with same issue


Having same problem. Can add card but not load.

day 2 here...I will never use reloadit again.


I have been having the same issue. 3 days ago I loaded money into my safe and have been getting nothing but the "we are experiencing technical difficulties" message every time I try to load my card.

I haven't tried calling yet but I am going to. Has anything happened yet, or are u still waiting?

to Anonymous #1033045

Oh I called! Multiple times even.

One guy was a snob and refused to let me talk to a manager! WTF is that bs?! Anyhow. Yes, I called Netspend too.

According to each Netspend & Reloadit it's not their problem but the other company...Netspend said its Reloadit's problem and contact them, Reloadit said its Netspend's problem and to call them. I keep getting the 'run around' from both of them.

According to one girl from Netspend who hardly spoke English, she said I added too much money. She said I added too much money to my monthly cycle.

That it couldn't be over a certain amount each month. You can't load more than $1,500 a week apparently, but I never have loaded that much in one week, the most maybe $1,000. But whatever! I feel like I'm getting screwed over.

Every time I tried to add the money to my Netspend card from the Reloadit webpage, it looked like it worked, but then got rejected back and was back on Reloadit.

According to Reloadit, I only have $120.25 in my account, even though on my end it says $240.25. IDK something really odd about this stuff.

Paypal was nice to help because I couldn't even load funds to that either from Reloadit. I guess all these cards like prepaid cards, Netspend, t-mobile, Paypal are all linked with our SSN.

According to Paypal and Netspend, the government doesn't allow so much funds in one month to be uploaded. Weird sh*t. I don't get it. I never had this problem in the past and have always uploaded my reloadit cards each month/each cycle with more than $3,000.

Maybe you are having the same problem? IDK. The monthly cycles are not from the 1st to the end of the month. Its supposedly different according to Netspend.

The entire thing is weird.

So now, I have to wait till next Friday, the 18th, according to "Netspend" to upload my reloadit funds to the Netspend card. And yes, you bet, if it doesn't work on Friday, Netspend will be contacted ASAP and won't be good. So now, my $240.25 in one reloadit account will sit there and I can't access that money as well as my 2nd account with reloadit which has another $120 in it.

This sucks!! Anyone else experience this sh*t?


STILL having problems!!!!! Day 4 & I cannot access my money in 2 different accounts.

Says its still experiencing technical difficulties.

WTF is going on??? I need my f*cking money.

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