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I was told by a unimformed clearly that she couldn't load my prepaid card at the counter they always do. That I have to purchase a reloadit card.

I did tried to make a safe account said I couldn't technical difficulties. So I contacted them they told me can only do one card per device also that it should be a computer not mobile but sometimes works. Needs to be on chrome. I was on chrome never used a reload it card on my device.

Still a month and something later has not been able to fix or get money. Said if I have receipt that I maybe could talk to store I bought it at and call bisness to bisness and if the store would be willing to wait 30 days a refund me the money. Or I would have to have a check mailed it would take least 30 days. I am in a motel was going to use the money the last I had to apply for a apt .

Lost that !

I truly hate this company and will not be using PayPal net spend or any company that uses this theiving lying facade of a company. They have stolen my money period over a year and can't fix tecnical difficulties ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Reloadit Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I purchased a Reloadit Pack hoping I would be able to seamlessly add the cash I had in hand, to my Paypal Prepaid Card. Little did I know, an overwhelming amount of frustration and anger would consume the next 24 hours of my life! My story is identically to most I've seen on here. So Ill get right to the point.

Attempted to setup account using my cellphone. To which the "unable to verify information" message was displayed. Attempted again and was then given the "Device has too many attempts". Then I called Customer Support, and was told I needed to use a laptop with the most recent version of Chrome, also needed to have my cache and cookies cleared in order to create a "Safe".

Attempted those "Troubleshooting Steps" with no resolution. I was still receiving the same error messages. I even called friends and family members within my city, out of my city, and even out of state. Just to see if it was due to my location.

However, they too were receiving the same error messages when attempting to create a safe on the Reloadit Website. Mind you, Im advising them with the instructions that were provided by the Customer Service Rep, and the Reloadit website, as to the best and only way to setup a "Safe". Which was, latest version of Chrome, or Internet Explorer 11, and to make sure the cache and cookies were cleared on computer. So I did setup a Brand New, Yahoo Email Address, and i was using my laptop with cache and cookies cleared, but something told me perhaps the Mozilla Firefox Browser would allow me to set up my "Safe".

I thought,"Hell, the so-called instructions and advice I've been given up until this point has been fruitless, might as well go against the grain and see what happens" And wouldn't you know?! After using Google Chrome to download The Mozilla Firefox web browser. I opened it up, went right to Reloadit website, clicked "Sign Up" entered in my BRAND NEW Yahoo Email account. and KABOOM!

"You have Successfully created your Safe" message appeared! I was then able to add the "Pack" I had purchased from the store by using the 10 digit code under the scratch off. After that, I was informed I needed to add my prepaid card that I wanted the funds added to, on the reload it account. HOWEVER!

Instead of instantly being able to access funds after adding the pack and my prepaid card number, I'm currently still fund-less because they have to "Verify" my prepaid card is one they support on the Reloadit Network. So that's where I'm currently at.

And after reading some info on how long it takes to verify (roughly 3 Hours) I'm in a much better spot now, than I was 24 hrs prior. In closing,,,, MOZILLA FIREFOX WEB BROWSER + LAPTOP + BRAND NEW YAHOO EMAIL = SUCCESSFUL RELOADIT SAFE ACTIVATION!

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