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I was having the same issues and pissed of as everyone else complaining here but decided to try a few things before starting to cry.

I was having technical difficulties try again later error when I try to load money into the card after adding the packs. I realized that my Amex Bluebird card that I was trying to load money into was not a supported card and that was the reason for the error. Next thing, I went to a T-Mobile store and purchased a TMobile debit card which was advertised as a supported card. I gave it another try but no still getting the same error. Finally, I went to the TMobile website and registered my card. One more try and Bingo!! The card was loaded.

Folks, if you are getting the technical difficulties error. The reason is that you are either using an unsupported card type or your card is not activated. I thought my card was activated when I purchased and loaded my first $20 in TMobile store however the card is not actually activated until you go to the website and get it registered. So if you are trying to load money after purchasing the card in the store; first you need to go the providers website and activate your card then it should work.

Hope this was helpful.

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I'm using serve card, loadit let load 40 onto it despite being unactivated temp card. Next day I put 150 in and suddenly it won't load. I'll wait till my real card arrives and try then but after a load once already I don't see that as the problem.


I really don't like how you you assume that the reason your card wasn't working is now the reason why everyone's card isn't working, you seem a little too confident about that for someone that doesn't work there. Are you a republican by chance?

My husband is deployed and everything was working just fine loading money through his pay power card on the pay power website, all I'd have to do is log in and then add money using the reloadit pack and enter the number. The money would show up instantly for him to use. Now, with this horrible *** "safe" thing they rolled out before it was even working properly, it's saying that his card isn't valid. So my friend, it's not that his card isn't registered, it's the fact that reloadit is a horrible *** company that has a *** website that doesn't work properly along with customer service reps who have no idea what they're doing.

I called 6 times and got 6 different excuses until finally a manager pointed out to me that I could go to a moneygram place and load his card since he needed it so badly, so I had to take out another $100 and went to moneygram and what do you know, it loaded on there instantly. Reloadit has my $100 just sitting there and I am unable to load it onto his card.

NOW what I will have to try to do is go buy another pay power card, load another $20 on it just so I can purchase the card itself, then hope that when I load it onto this "safe" account that it will actually validate the card and let me load the $100 onto it....but it might *** not because, again, the "safe" account is a piece of ***. Thanks, yelling at you made me feel slightly better...

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