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i have used this service twice now to load funds onto my paypal prepaid mastercard. the reloadit packet clearly says immediate load to your chosen card.

the first time i tried to load my card, i bought the reloadit packet with all the money i had for the whole week. it was imperative that i be able to pay an obligation with my prepaid mc within the hour i loaded it. to my horror, i had to wait three hours to access my funds placed on my card with reload it.com when i phoned customer service for assistance, the reason told to me was reloadit.com had to "HOLD THE FUNDS FOR SECURITY REASONS AND THAT THIS WAS A NEW RULE" ...ok, so i ask to speak to his manager , the customer service man assisting me said sorry wait two more hours than use card, after two more long hours it did finally work. this time i placed my cash onto a reloadit packet at 1130 pm.

in order to load funds onto my pay pal prepaid mastercard. keeping in mind that the pay pal prepaid mc is one of reloadit.coms featured companies, i get the message that i cannot load my funds onto my paypal card because the card is still being verified. this card is featured on the reloadit packet. how much more verified could the paypal card be?

so i continue trying throughout the night and continue receiving the same message each time. it is now 4:00 a. m and the funds are not on the card, i cannot load my card , i cannot access or have use of my own money . i am livid and looking for the reason why...well after 15 minutes of frustrated ,incoherent blah blah blah (i cant understand this lady thru her charming accent) wasted time and words i am, just now, off the phone with reloadit.com customer service.

a bad situation becomes even worse after calling reloadit.com's customer service. i am more frustrated and actually angry at myself for giving this company yet another opportunity to screw me over. instead of reloadit.coms customer service giving me reassurance and accurate answers and information to my question, i am given NOTHING TO WORK WITH AS TO WHAT THE ISSUE IS, NO ETA OF WHEN THIS UNKNOWN ISSUE WILL BE RESOLVED, NO REASSURANCE OF MY FUNDS BEING SAFE OR RETURNED TO ME NO SUGGESTIONS FOR A TEMPORARY PATCH . instead i am told that reloadit.com techs are working on a system that will make the service even better in the future.

i asked how much longer it would be before i could have access to my funds, she tells me she doesn't know, cant guess and i need to be patient, i tell her that this is ridiculous, that i understand its not her fault then i say to this lady that i want to speak to the manager . this employee of reloadit.com customer service department tells me NO THAT THE MANAGER WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO HELP ME EITHER, THAT THERE ISN'T ANY OTHER PERSON I CAN TALK TO AND THAT THERE IS NO OTHER NUMBER TO CONTACT ANYONE IN THE COMPANY. she then says that i should call back and try to access my funds later in the afternoon...as they have all the money i have in this world tied up i guess i will have to do as she says but come on man....this smells pretty much like *** to me . she even told me that a refund could take 20 days?

what is this company doing with our money and why are they keeping our money from us?

any suggestions how to get to the owners ear or at least someone that is willing to try to help? thanks

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Reloadit Cons: Attitude of customer service, Not having access to my money, No way to talk with manager, Refund policy, Lack of response to my questions, Getting robbed by this comp, Ethics of this company, Shady business practices.

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can i call u because they told me to wait 4 hours and thats ridiculous , mine is saying the same thin about my card, this load cannot be completed at this time as the Card you are trying to load is still being verified. Im so worried about my money and i need help . can u help me ?


i have the same exact problem same exact answer, even the same card..lol but anyway i wrote the reloadit ppl a nasty letter ohhh boy she got right back to me to, here is the email to the blackhawk financial company that runs this whole hurry up and wait for your money scam

Network at: Blackhawk Network World Headquarters

6220 Stoneridge Mall Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Phone: 925-226-9990 | Fax: 925-226-9083

Email: corporate@blackhawk-net.com

i finally got the verification email today after i threatened to go to my local news consumer helper and have the company featured as bad bizz . now same as you sitting here waiting for my money so i can pay my bill....oh btw had a time sensitive bill that had to be paid by a certin date no if ands or buts with that bill...had to barrow that money asap....well hope this helped and that the next person has better luck.


I am having the very same issue I purchased a reload it about a week ago. For my husband and it took 2 hours before j could load the money on his card the week prior to that it was an hour.

Now this week they start this online *** and I'm getting the same error the funds can't be loaded until the card is verified and ived been trying since nince this morn and its 3 pm now.

So I'm like wtf how the *** am I suppose to get my money?

One things for sure this has got to be the whackest company I've ever encountered and I am looking for other ways to load my PayPal card because I will not be going through this *** again!!! *** reloadit


I hope you weren't planning on sending money over seas to your out-of-country fiancee who's daughter has just been in a accident because they can't afford medical bills.

But seriously, what is reloadit.com?

That just sounds like a scam or a dishonest business. Why don't people research companies before giving them money?

You could have took yourself to a pharmacy to buy a prepaid card and you would have had your money in a hour or less.

Tough lessons are to be learned.

Also, please research basics in English. That was horrible to read.

Horrible. Your period placements made me dizzy.


U are an *** and have no idea what you are talking about. Probally an employee of theirs.



It's easy to buy the initial prepaid card, but when you want to add money to it, it's ridiculous. You can't just transfer money from another credit card or something, you have to buy these *** reload it packs. Then when you buy the pack you have to load the pack to your "safe" on reloadit.com. Then you have to add your card to your safe, BUT THEN IT TAKES AN UNKNOWN AMOUNT OF TIME TO "VERIFY" YOUR CARD.

Total ***, should be way more simple. Worst company i've ever dealt with.


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