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I purchased three reload it cards two for $500 and one for $450.00. Loaded $500 then $450 after many many tries then it wouldn’t let me load it into my prepaid PayPal MasterCard.

Finally hours later was able to load $500 and now they are saying I can’t transfer the other $450 for 30 days! They blamed PayPal. PayPal blaming reload it. And it still won’t let me add the third reload it card for $500 saying I reached a $10,000 limit!


So basically I spent $1450 on reload it cards and have access to only $500 for 30 days!!! Scam fraud will never use again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Reloadit Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I had a similar experience on a much smaller scale; painful none the less. Consider if you could collect $3.95 for each purchase you supposed was a service fee, then hold/make interest on a purchasers "load" cash money for 30 days.

A few thousand of these each month could put you on easy street rest of your life. Worst is that the legit store managers are recommending ReLoad when you ask for a re-loadable credit or gift card.

I requested a refund...promised in 30 days of course & you have to give your personal contact information to receive it. Who the heck watches these people and/or looks out for the consumer who makes the assumption of honesty when it's in plain view for sale at a reputable retailer?


Same thing happened to me. Did you ever get your refund?


Paypal Prepaid Mastercard has a limit of only $500 at one time. You can only load that much at once. So while Reloadit is ABSOLUTELY a giant scam, the inability to put the $1450 on your prepaid card was due to Paypal/Bancorp Bank limiting the Paypal Prepaid Mastercard to a $500 maximum at any one time.

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