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This Company is a complete scam. I was told after the fact of purchasing a reload it pack that I had to set up a "safe acct" to transfer money.

How ever o never received emailed to verify. I called and got the run around about some *** that their web site was down. (***)... So after a day I called my pre paid card company a filed a formal complaint with them because this is the company they(my card company) required me to use....

And guess what? I got my money back from them Jokers..

And as a result my pre paid company is pulling out completely.

Do not use reload it!

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What it from Netspend? B/c I've called Netspend too.

They said they can't do anything.

Reloadit told me I have options..

1st: To wait for the site to come back in a day or few days.

2nd: I talked to many managers this week from Reloadit, they said they could do a ticket and load my money onto my card and it would take 3 business days.

3rd. I could wait 30-45 days for my money to be sent to me via check.

4th. Purchase a Paypower card and call Reloadit and they could load my funds onto a Paypower card.

I just like to add, even my bank Wells Fargo has had many issues online. Their web site was done for 2 weeks, I could not pay any bills and none of the bills I had set-up could have money taken out. Luckily, some of my credit card companies understood. It seems online banking, even with Capital One; they have updates done to their pages.

There pages are down for a few days too even through mobile banking. Its not just this company. No I don't work for them. But trying to think positive.

They never told anyone they are shutting down the safe. I don't know where people got that. I have talked to a manager everyday since Tuesday. They even said they would call me once the web site is working again (

We all just have to wait this out. I'm curious, to find out how this person got their money back and how so? In a check?

On a Netspend card? On a Paypower card?

to Anonymous #1000407

Ohhhh. They will call you.

Lmao. Boy they have you suckered.

And your a ***. I bank with both BOA and Regions and have never had problems remotely close to this crappy buisness.

to Anonymous #1000427

I've never had a big issue with reloadit till this week.

I've had many problems with Wells Fargo. I closed down that bank after a teller put money in her pocket, it was caught on camera.

The money I was depositing at the time, standing right in front of her.

She dropped some on the floor picked up the money, put it in her pocket. Can't trust no one anymore.

I have not heard of BOA or Regions, probably because those banks are not located in this region.


What prepaid card was it?

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