Chatsworth, California
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I bought a Reloadit pack at Ralph's grocers today. Asked the guy if it would work for NetSpend.

He said he wasn't sure but he would try. He didn't tell me I was gonna be stuck with this useless card. Went to sign up for the so called "safe". Have never ever ever used this service or registered with their site.

Yet every single time I tried to sign up, I got 1 of 2 error msgs. Called customer service, she said clear browser close and try again, or try from a different device. Still nothing. Now 5 hrs, 5 devices and ,7 different emails later...Nothing.

Called their scam line and told them I would like to report this company as the scammer. I had to report the card as fraud. It mentioned a "refund" on the back of the card. The agent (also useless) told me 30 days for a refund IF my case is accepted.

You literally are depositing money into their company acct and paying them.

Our funds just disappear into a black whole. I am now filling reports with every consumer protection agency there is (I hope will also contact the shady company. I am going to every single outlet that sales these cards and leaving scam stickers on every single pack. Along with/notifying every blog, writing their prepaid partners, blasting it on all social media platforms and anyone else So that people no longer fall victim an outright fraudulent company.

They are blatently stealing people's money. Thousands of dollars! These companies need to learn class action suit are "in" right now. If you have also been a victim and would like to be part of the petition, please email your name, the date of your incident, a brief description about what happened, and the amount you were robbed of to

Only 40 people are needed to file for a class action....I see here there are over 750 fraud victims.

It's time we do something about these *** companies who don't care about the little people. It's not a website glitch, it's an outright scam!

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I too deposited 300 dallors to the reloadit card.. my story is the same..i could not open the safe..

tried with several emails and devices..i bought mine at safeway on mission street in Spokane wa..they too are blowing me off..

I told them and they continue to sell the scam cards..i think they need to be sued too...they r prob part of the scam.. Michael d hipol


Same here can't open safe any luck yet

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