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This is a HORRID company. Do NOT deal with them.

There are much better ways to work with prepaid cards than Reloadit: Compare:


You can put up to $500 on a Reloadit card.

For each card, you will have a charge of $1-5 depending upon your retail outlet.

You have to reload the pack into a Reloadit safe, then wait several hours before you can load it onto a card

There are low limits on how much money you can load into your account in a given time frame. Other prepaid cards have limits that are much more generous and practical

With a few exceptions, tech support is terrible. A few good techs tipped me off to the fact that there are other ways to go and that my customer complaints were common (so why don't they fix them?

I don't mind working with foreigners with accents, but pet peeve is asking a question to which the person on the other end gives the same answer over and over when it didn't address the question in the first place.

with What you can do without them:

It depends upon your issuing credit-debit card issuer some. Check the details, but .

. .

You can take the debit/credit card to the cashier in or customer service counter at any retail outlet that sells them and load the cash onto it there without going through Reloadit...

The money becomes immediately available.

Most cards have much higher limits than Reloadit allows. For instance, you could load $2500 onto a prepaid card in one 24 hr period Limits in a 30 day period may go as high as about $15,000.

If you go to a cashier with $2500 in cash and load a card you will pay ONE transaction of between $1-5 compared to 5 x that to load 5 Reloadit cards you may not be able to transfer to the prepaid card for some time.

And here's a example of horrid customer service/tech support:

I bought two Reloadit cards for $500 ea. I took them home and loaded them in my Reloadit safe.

I had to wait several hours before I could load up a card.

The system allowed me to load one card for $500 onto a prepaid card.

It would not allow the other for any number of rules that keep changing.

I called Tech support.

Do this Do that. Exit and re-enter the site. Followed by "Too many tries in a period of time. Now a block put on entry into the account for now..

Sorry! Cannot access. Have to wait 24-48 hrs.without trying again before this is removed.

After many tries, I told tech support to refund MY $500 which they could see in my safe.

The tech guy processes the complaint then tells me to receive the refund, I had to provide pictures of the Reloadit card and/or receipt. I could not do this.

I was in the middle of a move. Computer and scanner not set up. I didn't have the receipts in the move. I told the tech guy to put the money back in the safe and he said he couldn't.

What was so annoying about this is that all the records on this were right there on my account page and visible.

It was clear that Reloadit had MY $500.

After several tries, I finally got a rational tech guy who could see all this and managed to find a way to release the refund without a lot of fuss.

he also suggested I might want to work without Reloadit.

They did resolve the problem with a great deal of persistence on my part. But I am not gong to go through that again.

This is the worst, but not the first difficulty I have had with Reloadit, but far from the only one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Reloadit Account.

Reason of review: Access/ activation issues.

Preferred solution: This needs corporate attention. Someone who manages this system needs to sit down and play the role of a customer and/or take a look at some of the tickets..

Reloadit Cons: Glitchy website, To many to mention.

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