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Their website is down.Any decent company would have left a page open to explain what was happening.

Or they would have sent us a mass email. Instead, they leave thousands of their paying customers in the dark. Just do a little research into this company, and you'll see more people are unhappy with their services than not.

That's all I have to say...but I have to enter 100 words...so here it goes.

Reloadit sucks big fat hairy donkey balls.Do yourself a favor and go with a different debit card company, or take a chance on getting f*cked.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Reloadit. The most disappointing about reloadit website from Reloadit was buggy website , but reviewer liked it before the safe. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Just went on the website on 8/20/15 at 10:45pm central time.It is up and running again and I was able to get my $100 that I had loaded onto the card.

I have seen posts about people having issues with this company before. I will only use this service as a last resort from now on. They left no one with any explanation outside of saying that their site was down for maintenance. They didn't warn anyone nor did they leave anyone with a 1-800 number that they could actually be reached at.

They should, in the future, have measures in place to either prevent this from happening or having a second option to allow people to use this service, whether it be temporarily through their parent company, an app, or a secondary site and phone number.A lot of people have lost faith in this company as a viable way of reloading their prepaid cards.


Go to whois and search reloadit.com, looks like they didn't pay their domain name...which expired yesterday.

Updated Date: 12-jun-2014

Creation Date: 19-aug-2003

Expiration Date: 19-aug-2015


Goddammit...The website and number is down.

I need to get money to my girl on the road. 5 *** hours. Im pissed. This is the only way i can transfer money instantly remote to a debit card since who the *** knows why they tok vanilla reload, greendot and paypal remote load cards away...

Im *** pissed.

No message on net, no message on phine as to when it will be up.Im calling these *** as soon as it comes up.


In the same boat.I wish I knew this *** company was going to be "down" before I gave them my money.

Now my *** bill is going to be late.What I want to know is how they can take my money when their system is supposedly down but I can't reload my *** *** card.


These *** *** can't atleast say we are doing maintenence from 12pm to 10pm these mother *** just close down the site like a bunch of dip ***.We are never gonna see our money again.

Reload it you can suck my ***. From the first time I dealt with your *** *** site I knew there was gonna be problems.

*** you, people like you are why we are in the *** hole state this country is in.And your probably foreign *** holes that shouldn't be doing business in our country anyways.

to Anonymous #1021962

You think we not gunna get our money? This is *** up.

to Anonymous #1021991

you're truly a *** if you think that they've somehow stolen your money.the site is just down, it happens.

perhaps there was some sort of data breach.

no network is 100% secure.have some patience, really

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