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I purchased a Reload It when the walgreens cashier didn't know how to load my card. Instead of taking 5 minutes to drive up the street to walmart, I just broke down and purchased the Reload It. Being in a hurry, I assumed it would be as convenient as the last time I bought one (before the safe <5 minutes to reload). Oh boy, was I ever wrong!!

This was on June 28th. It is now July 3rd and I have successfully redeemed my funds. I will describe my user experience nightmare below.

After purchasing the reloadit pack, I url'd to the website. I noticed I could no longer punch in the pack and card number as it said "you are now required to open a safe". Okay, no biggie I'm thinking to myself.

I sign up and it says "Activate your account from the link in your inbox" SO... I scour my email for the activation link. Not there. Check the spam folder. Nope, not there either! So I try signing up with a different email provider, ya know, just in case... Oh, but you can't use one device for two safe accounts! If you and your mom share a computer and want separate safes, they are the safe ***. NO SAFES FOR YOU!!!! After bypassing their pointless and in no way practical utility serving little "device limit lockout", no email at that inbox, either!

I gave up and decide to sleep on it that night. Next day, I call customer support in the morning. I had to call for 20 minutes before finally getting through, and that was my first indication they had a problem. I figured, wow, they must be busy.

The person who answers, in an Indian voice, says "CAN HAVE YOU CARD NUMBER PLEASE". Not sure what he was asking I reply, "excuse me, do you mean you want my PHONE NUMBER?" Of course at that point my call abruptly drops. Granted that might have been my janky cellular reception not really their fault. But GAWD I'm thinking what a Riggamarole so far. yeesh.

After going to some better cellular coverage, I get through to someone who spoke DECENT ENGLISH (oh thank you Jeebus!). He answers. I say "I did not receive a verification email after I sign up for the safe."He says "What is the scratch number from the reload pack."<<>> WAIT, back up for a second. I was just on the web site a hundred times in the last twenty four hours. And you couldn't miss the bright red SCAM WARNING which says UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES give your reload code to anyone you haven't met in person. Scratch my head.So I says to him "I'm sorry, but are you sure you NEED my reload code to resend a link to activate my email, the website says to give that code to NOBODY. It seems to be quite verbosely explicit about that too I might add."

His reply: "Sir you are aware you are speaking to ReloadIt right?"

Well gee, no I'm not for-sure I am, I think to myself. so I stall for a second while I double check the 1800 number on the card.He insists I need to provide it for him to "help" me. Begrudgingly, I oblige...

So after providing him a slew of information hoping to be sorted out. "We are experiencing a technical difficulty with our servers." I juice him for info about WHY and he says it was a server fire." Your options are to be issued a refund, which will take 30 business days to process. Your other option is to wait for the server to be repaired, which could take 3 days or longer we don't know at this point." I can't fault the guy at least he was honest. I mean unless he is Milton from office space, the server fire cant be his fault...

After that I find my way to this pissedconsumer site here, start reading the comments. Then I remark some profanities, after being incredibly discouraged by what I had read on this complaint board. I immediately feared I had given someone the 200 bucks I loaded by giving the guy the code for the reload. What a dummy I am I'm thinking. (post script: srsly WTF reload it? are you guys just inept incompetent or is this a conspiracy? WHY ON EARTH do you ask for the scratch number? Can't you just ask for the serial number from the bottom or something, I mean your the FING EXPERTS not me, but it doesn't seem like ROCKET SURGERY. Do you not see the irony? TELLING PEOPLE NOT TO GIVE OUT THE NUMBER THEN ASKING THEM FOR IT!? IS THAT AN INSIDE JOKE OR ARE YOU JUST TRYING TO MIND F*** ME!?!?!)

Welp, that was pointless. I decide not to request a refund check, hoping praying it does get sorted out.

Then I see on this site that someone called their debit card provider and manually loaded their card through them. I get excited enough to endure another call center torture session!

The account NOW customer support left a bad test in my mouth. After speaking to a representative with poorer english skills than a TBI Armenian with a hole in their cheek repeat to me five times what options were available to reload my card, and me trying to explain that I purchased a reload it pack ALREADY and wanted to see if they could LOAD IT for me, and being put on hold 5 times, I was told no, no they can't load my card manually. Though nothing indicated to me that he ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD what I was ACTUALLY asking him about. I ask him to elevate my call to the next level of support or to open a support ticket or to let me speak to a manager and he apparently could not do any of these things for me. Let alone speak a coherent sentence. BUT I DIGRESS, again not reload it's fault accountNOW sucks and charges a BS $10 / month Service charge though still can't afford to provide a decent service or manually load my card for me... They should have called it accountBETTERLATETHANNEVER.

So I twiddled my thumbs for a few days, smashed my piggy bank and hit the coinstar for spending cash.

Then I see on here posts of representatives from " Black Ock " financial offering to manually load cards. Then I read the comments and, though I wasn't that *** to begin with, (well okay I did give the number to reload it guy) I did know it wasn't legit as it sounded a little too "nigerian" (not to sound like a donald trump generalization, but a lot of them ARE scammers) I could only help but shake my head at the cluster F ** K caused by Reload It, orchestrated by a big Black Hawk, giving everyone the shaft. I am certain a few people too old or naiive to know better, got the code stolen. We know reload it will never admit any responsibility for the situation. NO it's not their fault, but, IT IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. they seem to have ZERO accountability and could not do a proper thing like REACH OUT TO CUSTOMERS about this whole problem situation say a press release or manually loading cards or doing jack s** it about it. LIKE a responsible company might do.

Finally, I saw the posts about the safe working again. Even though support had told me the activation email would go through when it was back up, I had to register again. Then I received the email right away. Got into the safe, loaded the pack, and THANK JEEBUS the funds were still there. Phew! Then I had to add my card, and wait for 8 HOURS (or Arns if this was farscape) for the card to be verified. During that time the website would not load, I'm assuming because the server is overloaded again because of all the people trying to get in who've been waiting the last week. Lets hope it doesn't catch on fire AGAIN!

So long story short, it seemed more dramatic maybe than it was. In the end I got my money in 5 days. albeit a Horrible user experience, at least I didn't lose my funds.

Assuming no more problems I would recommend them. But I doubt we've seen the last of the problems. As an aside, I think whoever their web master is, just plain sucks. The website is not well designed and barely functional. Maybe they should invest our free loan interest money and reload fees into a better website, customer service and server cooling.

That is all.

paramananda wrote the review because of "finally resolved" at Reloadit and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Reloadit to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was waiting hours for my money, free loan for them, not communicating with public and not giving consistent support. Author liked the most convenient instant reloads. The author asks this business to contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

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Please report them to the federal trade commission as I have!!!


I can't believe there still in business, are they running this out of a garage with hand me down apple 2 computers?

I bet at any given time they got a few million in there coffers getting a decent return....dam good scam! Tie up Mr X's money long enough to keep the acc. Earning big returns but not long enough to get him to contact the FED ..........


Your story was too long. A couple of sentences would have been better.


the site never told u invalid pack number? thats what im getting now and most other ppl are.

to Anonymous #1005418

No, my pack number was valid and worked just fine as soon as online safe came back up. Bummer, all I can think is you gave the number to an unsavory bad actor, or the system didn't know the pack was activated for some reason. If you don't have an activation receipt, I don't see any way to get your money back.

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