Dahlonega, Georgia

if there is no safe , anymore how can we expect a refund? no one to even talk to NOONE.

Like they never existed..... I have over 950$ in my safe and now I'm flat broke.

Blackhawk is the official company but they have partnered with tons of major companies like paypower, amex serve, greendot. I cant imagine this nightmare ending with no resolution...but why have they taken down their website? When you call one of the partner companies they say YES there IS a problem as if they know something we dont but they wont elaborate.

what is REALLY going on?

Have any of you heard anything ....a slip from an employee maybe>? someone out there knows.....please fill us in....

Product or Service Mentioned: Reloadit Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Reloadit Pros: Good before.

Reloadit Cons: Money website and phone number vanished.

  • Reloadit Nonexistant
  • Disappeared Reloadit
  • Missing Money Paypower
  • Amexpress Prepaid
  • Netspend Reloadit Safe
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I just spent five days fighting with these ***, and to my surprise, I was able to load my card after threatening them with the BBB, federal government, lawsuits. We had to go as far as threatening a tellers life just to get him to make sense on the telephone.

I am happy kinda, that it worked out, but I will never be using this company again for as long as I live. As a matter of fact, This whole prepaid card thing is *** I say, a bag of stinky ***.!


I called Blackhawk after posting this...Got nowhere .."ma'am its just a website issue...nothing more. Just give it 4 maybe 5 hours and things should be back to normal...Uh let me get your name and phone number "

I figure now I will be screwed for real just for causing a stink and calling the daddy company.

They aren't trained very well for giving off that 'warm and fuzzy' feeling I was looking for when I called.

I actually wonder if we will be getting our money back as well...some say there is no way they can keep our money but I ask you, what proof do you personally have that you even had any money in the safe in the first place? I mean I have sat here and thought a lot about it today as I sit here penniless and I cant think of any possible way to provide verification that my safe money was in the amount of.....$XXXX the website was the ONLY proof I had and there is no website! so therefor doesn't this mean there is no money?

as for you guys pretending to be a Blackhawk rep trying to use this forum to steal innocent, gullible peoples information,...well I would hope no one would be dumb enough to actually call you out desperation to find instant answers because all they will find is a crook that is trying to *** them into giving them their money.

If you are that desperate and you do end up calling this guy that has replied .....don't be surprised if you aren't a future victim as well because you will become some ones lead- a future name on a list of easy targets that fall for anything. be careful


Dear Reloadit Customers, we are working hard to make new changes to web content on our server. If you have a safe with money still on there or a Reloadit pack not yet of use please text our employee associate for a secure location and to store you're payment. (Jake Stein) 312-631-0509


You're not the real Reloadit. A legitimate business would never ask their customers to text a random guy with their cash information. If you are Reloadit, that's absolutely terrible business practice.


I call ***. People do not call this number!!


Ponzi scheme


Me too out of 500 now. What tf is going?

I'm about to have a whole breakdown. Flat broke as well.


ok The website is up and running and I was able to get most of my money transferred onto cards.

now my husbands account is basically on lock down because he cant remember his password and it wont allow him to reset it. It directs him to change password...then once he does change it, it wont accept the credentials. He has tried over 8 times.

but on the plus side, we do have the website back finally after two business days.

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